Malaysia Tour Package

Malaysia Tour Package is one of the top selling holiday package these days in Asia. Malaysia being adjacent to other top destinations such as Thailand and Singapore, vacation holiday to Malaysia is hard to ignore and a must to spice up your asia tour.

What is Malaysia

Tropical Asian country in Malay peninsula and known for beaches, rainforest and a mixed culture of Malay, Indian and Chinese. The Capital is home of skyscraper buildings and busy shopping districts. In the peninsula, Malaysia shares maritime borders with Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. While East Malaysia shares maritime borders with Brunei and Philippines. Due to this geographical location, Malaysia became one of favorite holiday and tour destinations in Asia either thru a package tour or backpacker (DIY) travel. Malaysia tour packages continue to gain its momentum due to additional affordable airlines around major cities in Asia pacific region aside from growth in hotel and hospitality industry.

Malaysia City View

Skyscraper Buildings

Malaysia Forest

Malaysia rainforest

Malaysia Forest

Malaysia Hotels

Why visit Malaysia

Traveling to Malaysia opens your door to the Asian culture. You will experience the diversity of culture, cuisine and religion. Their culture is heavily influenced by Persian, Arabic, Chinese and British. Same with their religion and cuisine though it is very similar to Singapore and Brunei and small resemblance to Filipino cuisine. Their food culture truly reflects the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic composition of their population. Their Malaysian arts continue to exist despite of modernization and digital era. Their arts are mainly centered in carving, weaving and silversmithing. Festivals and holidays, for Christians, Muslims and other ethnic groups are also observed in Malaysia. Making it more exciting to visit Malaysia. All these things are best experience with a holiday tour package. Most Malaysia tour package are added to other tour packages in Asia such as Thailand Tour, Singapore Tour and other neighboring countries to optimize and have an extended vacation for the minimal addon cost.

Malaysia Food Cuisine

Malaysia Cuisine

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Malaysia Shopping Centers

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Malaysia Hotels

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Malaysia Street Food

What to expect from Malaysia Tour Package

Availing a Malaysia tour package will make your travel a lot more comfortable. Upon arrival, travel representative will meet and assist guest to the assigned vehicle. This makes your group or family easier transfer rather than having the public transport such as train or bus. Upon your arrival in downtown area, finding a hotel is easy with wide variety of choices with different budget range. But getting a tour package is even better since you will have an advance booking and get a highly recommended room according to your nationality. This will make your stay more pleasing and comfortable. Your day tour and optional tour is another very important thing during your visit in Malaysia. A package tour will make the most and best experience in Malaysia specially if you have a limited stay in the city. Don’t do by yourself and end up with a very few destinations. Check out the affordable Malaysia tour packages and check which one fits your budget. Most popular tour package for Malaysia is the 3D2N Kuala Lumpur. Popular tourist attractions include (1) Petronas Twin Tower (2) KLCC Park (3)KL Tower observation deck (4) Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant (5) Aquaria KLCC (6) Batu Cave (7) Menara Kuala Lumpur (8) Bukit Bintang - shopping district (9) Jalan Alor – street foods (10) Central Market – souvenir stores (11) Pavilion – high end shopping center (12) National Monument (13) Merdeka Square / Independence square– Historical place (14) National Mosque (15)Royal King’s Palace/Istana Negara (15)Genting Highlands / Resorts World Genting

A well planned Malaysia Tour Package should be worth it and be able to capture best memories during the visit.

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Petronas Twin Tower

(1) Petronas Twin Tower


(2) KLCC Park

KL Observation Deck

(3) KL Observation Deck

Revolving Restaurant

(4) Revolving Restaurant

Aquaria KLCC

(5) Aquaria KLCC

Batu Cave

(6) Batu Cave

Menara Kuala Lumpur

(7) Menara Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang Shopping

(8) Bukit Bintang Shopping

Jalan Alor – street foods

(9) Jalan Alor – street foods

Central Market – souvenir stores

(10) Central Market – souvenir stores

Pavillion - high end shopping center

(11) Pavillion - high end shopping center

National Monument

(12) National Monument

Independence Square

(13) Merdeka Square / Independence square– Historical place

National Mosque

(14) National Mosquea

Royal King’s Palace/Istana Negara

(15) Royal King’s Palace/Istana Negara

Genting Highlands  / Resorts World Genting

(16) Genting Highlands / Resorts World Genting

Tour Packages

4D3N Genting Kuala Lumpur Tour

Enjoy the best attractions in Genting and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

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