Travel Destinations

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DAVAO Davao City DavaoPage 1 Details | GO TO DAVAO >>
BOHOL One of the most popular travel and vacation destination in Philippines. Great Tour packages awaits! BoholPage 2 Details | GO TO BOHOL >>
CEBU Visit Cebu City for vacation in the middle of the city in Philippines. CebuPage 3 Details | GO TO CEBU >>
EL NIDO Explore various islands and lagoons in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. ElNidoPage 4 Details | GO TO EL NIDO >>
CORON Visit Coron, Palawan and explore its facinating wonders. CoronPage 5 Details | GO TO CORON >>
PUERTO PRINCESA A must see and explore the wonders of the underground river and Puerto Princesa. PuertoPrincesaPage 6 Details | GO TO PUERTO PRINCESA >>
MALAYSIA International Tour in Malaysia MalaysiaPage 7 Details | GO TO MALAYSIA >>
THAILAND International Tour in Thailand ThailandPage 8 Details | GO TO THAILAND >>
KOREA International Tour in South Korea KoreaPage 9 Details | GO TO KOREA >>
SINGAPORE International Tour in Singapore SingaporePage 10 Details | GO TO SINGAPORE >>
ILOCOS Ilocos Tour Packages IlocosPage 11 Details | GO TO ILOCOS >>
BAGUIO Baguio Tour Packages BaguioPage 12 Details | GO TO BAGUIO >>